General Terms and Conditions

  1. General Conditions


      1. The following general terms and conditions apply to all our offers, contracts, deliveries, and other services. Agreements that differ from these general terms and conditions require our express written confirmation. Contradictory terms and conditions of the buyer are expressly rejected in all cases.
      2. The information in our catalogues and brochures is true to the best of our knowledge, according to statements of the suppliers and manufacturers, but without any guarantee of or liability for correctness. Changes to the design, form of execution on the part of the manufacturer, and errors and misprints are possible.
      3. The depiction of our deliveries and services in advertising brochures, prospectuses, price lists, etc., is not a contract request, but an invitation to the customer to submit a contract request.
      4. Only German law applies to any agreements concluded by the vendor.


  2. Offers


      1. Our offers are subject to confirmation; purchase contracts and other agreements are only binding with our written confirmation. If a delivery is completed without the buyer previously receiving an order confirmation, the contract is fulfilled by acceptance of the delivery.
      2. The documents accompanying the order, like images, diagrams, information on weight and measurements, are only approximate unless otherwise agreed. Changes to the design or technical modifications are possible, especially in the instruction manual.
      3. If salespeople or sales representatives conclude verbal side agreements or offer assurances that go beyond the written purchase contract, these always require the written confirmation of the vendor.
      4. If the buyer orders the item electronically, we will immediately confirm receipt of the order. The confirmation of receipt is not a binding acceptance of the order. The confirmation of receipt may be linked with the declaration of acceptance.


  3. Prices and Payment Conditions


      1. The price calculation is defined by the valid price on the day of delivery or performance, plus the legal value-added tax, unless other price agreements have been made.
      2. The prices are understood to be from the Hilden stock, not including packaging and shipping, unless otherwise agreed. For a net value of less than € 25,-, we will charge an additional small-volume sum to make up the difference.
      3. If delivery is free of charge, it will be free to the receiving station of the purchaser, not including freight charge. Extra costs incurred by a shipping method preferred by the purchaser (e.g. parcel, express freight, air freight, etc.) are paid by the purchaser.
      4. Unless agreed otherwise, our bills are due and payable within 10 days after billing without rebate.
      5. If the customer fails to pay an incumbent payment on time, we are entitled, regardless of the assertion of further damage caused by delay, to charge interest amounting to 4% of the base interest rate; we may also demand security in case of late payments or doubt of the customer’s ability to pay and cancel previously granted due dates for payments.
      6. Unless otherwise agreed, the following payment conditions apply to special orders and installations with a contract value of more than € 25000,-:
        30% when the order is placed,
        30% at delivery of the good and
        40% after acceptance by the general management
        within 10 days net.


  4. Delivery Conditions


      1. The delivery dates stated in our sales forms generally constitute the anticipated delivery dates we will strive to meet. If certain delivery deadlines have elapsed, a buyer who wishes to withdraw from the contract is not released from the obligation to set an appropriate extension of time for delivery.
      2. Partial deliveries are permitted to the extent that is reasonable. The delivery period will be extended - even in case of delay - appropriately in case of force majeure and any unforeseen obstacles arising after conclusion of the contract for which the vendor is not responsible, as long as such obstacles demonstrably affect the delivery of the items sold.
      3. In case of delayed or failed (impossible) delivery caused by the supplier, the vendor is not in any way answerable.
      4. The buyer’s right to withdraw after fruitless expiration of an extension given to the vendor remains unaffected.


  5. Shipping, Packaging


      1. Deliveries in standard packaging only. Risk is transferred to the customer when the item is handed over to a transportation company; this also applies if the means of transportation and transportation company are specified by the vendor and in exceptional cases where we assume the costs of transportation.
      2. The customer must immediately assert any claims due to damages in transit vis-a-vis the transportation company within the time period provided. Starting from 01/09/2003, we have defined the following procedure for accepting items and deliveries. Complaints are only permitted if this procedure is adhered to. “Please immediately open the package and check for damages and completeness. Complaints are only recognised if they were noted when the goods were accepted or if acceptance of the goods was refused.” We will only take out transportation insurance and other insurance policies at the customer’s express wish and at the customer’s expense.
      3. If shipment is delayed at the request of the customer or due to the customer’s action, the item will be stored at the buyer’s expense and risk. In this case, announcement of readiness to ship is equivalent to shipment.


  6. Retention of Title


      1. The item remains our property until complete payment of the purchase price and all existing and future claims from the business connection with the buyer.
      2. The buyer is entitled to sell the item under retention in a proper business transaction, as long as he fulfils his contract obligations to us. He is not authorised to pledge the item as collateral or transfer it by way of security. The buyer cedes to us all claims amounting to the billing sum that he gains through further sale to a third party. We accept the cession and are therefore entitled to collect the receivables and collect them ourselves.
      3. The customer is obligated to disclose to us the items under retention and the ceded claims upon request. If third parties seize the items under retention or the ceded claims, the customer must immediately inform us and support us in asserting our rights.
      4. We are fully entitled to withdraw from the contract and demand the item back if the buyer acts contrary to contract, especially in case of late payment and if there is a significant decline in the customer’s assets. The customer is then obligated to allow us access to his spaces and to appropriate the item.
      5. The customer is obligated to secure the item under retention and cedes to us any possible insurance claims or other compensation claims due to loss of or damage to the item under retention.


  7. Liability, Warranty, Compensation


      1. We provide warranty for defects in the item through rectification of the defects or replacement. In case of a minor breach of contract, especially if the defects are only minor, the customer has no right to withdraw from the contract.
      2. The customer must notify us of obvious defects within a period of 10 days after receipt of the item. Otherwise, the assertion of a warranty claim is debarred. This does not affect the obligation of the customer to check the item for defects and completeness immediately after delivery and immediately notify us of any defects discovered. If the buyer fails to carry out the inspection and notification of defects, the item delivered is considered approved, unless the defect was not apparent during the inspection. Defects discovered later must also be reported immediately; otherwise, the item is also considered approved with respect to these defects. The notification of defects must be in writing. In other respects, §§ 377 f. HGB applies accordingly.
      3. If the customer decides to withdraw from the contract due to a defect of title or quality after a failed supplementary performance, he does not also have a claim to compensation for the defect. If the customer chooses compensation after a failed supplementary performance, the customer will retain the item. Compensation is limited to the difference between the purchase price and the value of the defective item.
      4. The warranty period is 2 years after delivery of the item. This does not apply if the customer did not inform us of the defect in time as per Number 7.b.
      5. As a rule, only the manufacturer’s product description is valid as an indication of the quality of the item. Public comments, pricing, or advertising of the manufacturer do not represent contractually binding statements of quality.
      6. If the customer receives defective assembly or operation instructions, we are only obligated to provide non-defective instructions and this only if the assembly instructions contradict the proper assembly procedure.
      7. No warranty is accepted for damages caused by the following: Inappropriate or improper use, defective assembly and/or operation by the buyer or third parties, natural wear and tear, incorrect or negligent treatment, improper fuel, defective construction work, inappropriate construction location, chemical, electrochemical, or electrical effects, unless the deliverer is to blame for them.
      8. We do not provide the customer with guarantees in the legal sense. Manufacturer’s guarantees remain unaffected by this.
      9. A condition of warranty claims by contractors is that we must be able to view or check the defective item, or send the item in correct packaging, free of charge, and at the contractor’s risk to us or to a repair service named by us upon request.
      10. In case of mildly negligent breaches of contract, our liability is limited to the foreseeable, typical, and direct average damage for the type of merchandise. This also applies for mildly negligent breaches of contract by our representatives or agents. We are not liable to contractors in case of mildly negligent breaches of minor contractual obligations.


  8. Final Clauses


    1. The place of fulfilment and payment for all obligations from the purchase contract is Hilden.
    2. If individual clauses of the present conditions are or become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining clauses of this contract remains unaffected. The ineffective clause must be replaced by one which comes as close as possible to the desired business purpose.
    3. Changes to these AGB must be in writing.

As of 01/07/2017


Datenschutz Policy


Der Schutz personenbezogener Daten nimmt in unserem Unternehmen einen hohen Stellenwert ein. Aus diesem Grunde betreiben wir unsere Aktivitäten im Einklang mit den Gesetzen zum Schutz personenbezogener Daten und zur Datensicherheit. Im Folgenden erfahren Sie, welche Daten wir ggf. erheben, wie wir Sie verarbeiten und nutzen und wem wir Sie ggf. übermitteln.

Erhebung, Verarbeitung und Nutzung personenbezogener Daten


Wenn Sie die Seiten der TLS electronics GmbH besuchen, erfahren wir grundsätzlich nur anonyme Daten wie z.B. die Website, von der aus Sie uns besuchen, Ihren Internet Service Provider und die Seiten, die Sie bei uns aufgerufen haben. TLS electronics nutzt diese Informationen ausschließlich zu statistischen Zwecken, um damit Produkte, den Service und diese Website selbst zu verbessern.

Über unsere Websites erfassen wir keinerlei personenbezogene Daten, außer wenn Sie uns solche Daten freiwillig zur Verfügung stellen - bspw. durch Registrierung, für Ihr Lob oder Ihre Kritik, für Online Services, für die Durchführung eines Spiels oder die Anforderung von Informationsmaterial - bzw. eingewilligt haben oder die entsprechenden Rechtsvorschriften über den Schutz Ihrer Daten dies erlauben.

Nutzungsdaten, wie z.B. die Internet Protokoll Adresse bzw. Angaben zu Nutzungsbeginn und -dauer können unter Umständen aufgrund der eingesetzten technischen Mittel automatisch erzeugt werden und sind damit für die Kommunikation zwingend notwendig. Daten, die für die Übertragung einer Nachricht nicht mehr benötigt werden, werden von uns gelöscht oder anonymisiert.

TLS electronics wird Nutzerprofile in pseudonymisierter Art und Weise für Zwecke der Werbung, der Marktforschung oder zur bedarfsgerechten Gestaltung ihrer Websites nur erstellen, soweit Sie dem nicht widersprechen. Vor der Erzeugung derartiger Nutzerprofile werden Sie rechtzeitig unterrichtet.

Zur Erleichterung der Bereitstellung unserer Websites - also zur Anpassung unserer Websites an Ihre Interessen oder zur Speicherung Ihres Kennworts damit Sie es nicht jedes Mal neu eingeben müssen oder zu Ihrer automatischen Wiedererkennung beim nächsten Besuch - erlauben wir uns Cookies einzusetzen. Sie haben jedoch die Möglichkeit, die Speicherung eines Cookie abzulehnen, indem Sie Ihren Internet Browser so einstellen, dass er Cookies von Ihrer Computerfestplatte löscht, alle Cookies blockiert oder Sie warnt, bevor ein Cookie gespeichert wird.



Alle im Rahmen unserer Online Dienste anfallenden personenbezogenen Daten werden entsprechend den jeweils geltenden Vorschriften zum Schutz personenbezogener Daten, nur zum Zwecke der Vertragsabwicklung und zur Wahrung berechtigter eigener Geschäftsinteressen im Hinblick auf die Beratung und Betreuung unserer Kunden und die bedarfsgerechte Produktgestaltung erhoben, verarbeitet und genutzt.

Zur Pflege der Kundenbeziehungen kann es nötig sein, dass wir oder ein Dritter in unserem Auftrag diese personenbezogenen Daten verwenden, um Sie über unsere Angebote zu informieren.

Zu Zwecken des Direktmarketing oder zu Marktforschungszwecken verwenden wir Ihre personenbezogenen Daten nur, wenn Sie sich ausdrücklich damit einverstanden erklären.

Ein Verkauf Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten an Dritte oder eine anderweitige ähnliche Vermarktung durch uns erfolgt nicht.

Zweckgebundene Verwendung


TLS wird Ihre personenbezogenen Daten, die Sie uns online zur Verfügung gestellt haben, nur für die Zwecke erheben, verarbeiten und nutzen, die Ihnen mitgeteilt wurden, es sei denn die Erhebung, Verarbeitung oder Nutzung

  • erfolgt für einen Zweck, der in unmittelbarem Zusammenhang mit dem ursprünglichen Zweck steht
  • ist für die Vorbereitung, Verhandlung und Erfüllung eines Vertrages mit Ihnen erforderlich
  • ist aufgrund einer Rechtsnorm oder einer behördlichen oder gerichtlichen Anordnung erforderlich,
  • ist zu Rechtschutzzwecken oder zur Abwehr von Klagen notwendig
  • dient der Verhinderung von Missbrauch oder anderer gesetzeswidriger Handlungen, die die Integrität der Systeme von TLS und damit die Datensicherheit gefährden



TLS stellt durch technische und organisatorische Vorkehrungen sicher, dass Ihre personenbezogenen Daten gegen unbeabsichtigte oder unrechtmäßige Löschung, Veränderung oder gegen Verlust und unberechtigte Weitergabe oder unberechtigten Zugriff geschützt werden.

Ihre Rechte als Internetnutzer


TLS wird Ihren Auskunftsgesuchen, Berichtigungs- und Löschungsbegehren und Ihren sonstigen zustehenden Rechten bereitwillig und im gesetzlichen Rahmen nachkommen.

Durch die Weiterentwicklung des Internet werden wir auch unsere Datenschutz Policy laufend anpassen. Änderungen werden wir auf dieser Seite rechtzeitig bekannt geben. Sie sollten sie daher regelmäßig aufrufen, um sich über den neuesten Stand der Datenschutz Erklärung zu informieren.